Work hard, express yourself and most of all enjoy the ball at your feet.

We pride ourselves on delivering high quality sessions and guidance both in groups as well as on an individual basis.

Helping improve young players at different stages in their development, teaching them core values in a fun and structured environment.

Overall we have a professional approach and encourage players to play with a smile on their face.

Core Values

  • Honesty – To succeed we must have honesty and must trust each other.
  • Hard work â€“ Always give 100% and never give up if we make a mistake.
  • Attitude â€“ A good attitude is essential to help yourself and your team.
  • Learning â€“ Willingness to learn.

Learning and Development

Ages 6-8 years (YDP)

At this stage of the players development we want to work on their basic football technique, getting used to the ball and using different parts of the foot.

Introducing coordination exercises to enhance balance along with small sided games of 4v4 5v5 matches.

Ages 9-11 years (YDP)

The players now will move on to competitive junior football.

We still work on improving the technical side but now our main focus is on movement and receiving of the ball; movements into space to receive the ball and play it forward.

We also look at introducing 1v1 2v2 duals, teaching decision making; when to release the pass or go solo.

For this age group it is important to work on aerobic endurance and improve balance and coordination.

Ages 12-14 years (YDP)

This is when we identify main strengths and weaknesses so we can build a profile and decide the players optimal position. The player should now have a clear understanding of the game.

On the physical fitness side we now teach them that flexibility and core stability is important to prevent injuries and maintain a good level of general fitness.

Ages 15-18 years (YDP)

Around this age the player should be position specific so if and when they become scholars they have a preferred position and understanding of their role/responsibilities as individuals and within a team.

Again on the fitness side we would highlight the same as the previous age group by working on their flexibility and core but would now also develop speed, balance and coordination.

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